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Learning a lesson... literally!

It's been several years since I've had to train a pup. I figured that since I had done it three times before, it would be a daily ongoing process for me to train Callie, our newest. Boy, was I wrong....we added Callie to our family as a "foster to adopt" rescue when she was just 5 weeks old. It was easy then. I knew how to crate her to protect her, how to train her to go to her "spot" outside, and how to be comfortable with being touched by a variety of different people. She is a sweet dog so I thought I'd train her every day. I kept saying that I was going to take her to class....but life got in the way. Now Callie is 11 months old and although she knows the commands for sit, down and wait, she still pulls terribly on the leash and has a "selective hearing" other words, she is easily distracted. So training has become priority. We just started class and I find myself becoming frustrated. It seems that Callie prefers playing to training....imagine that! She also seems to do better training at home with her older "sister" Grace because, let's face it, Grace loves to get treats, too. I can't seem to find a treat that interests her during class and I feel like the instructor thinks we don't practice at home. So not only has Callie started learning lessons, but so have I. Never postpone doesn't get you anything except frustration later on.

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