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For thought.. health care reform and veterinary health care

I just read this great blog on Fully Vetted, by Patty Khuly, DVM, about human medicine learning lessons from our veterinary colleagues. As a practicing ED doc, pet shop owner and professed dog lover, I couldn't agree more! Here was my response: As a practicing ER doc, pet boutique owner and dog owner, I couldn't agree with you more! I recently went through the "end of life" process with my 14 yo Norwegian Elkhound. My decision to allow her to end her life in a loving environment should be the model for humans as well. Far too many times, I have seen the dwindling of human life, far beyond what we would consider "humane" for our animals, yet we persist. Thus, health care costs for humans skyrocket, creating a vicious cycle that has not yet been broken. We should stop, look and learn from our furry companions and veterinary medicine colleagues Please check it out and let me know your thoughts! Here's the link:

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