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Animal Cruelty in the Name of Free Speech-A contradiction in terms!

My heart is heavy today since the Supreme Court voided the law on animal cruelty in support of free speech....somehow violence becomes ok in the face of the constitution. I believe in the US Constitution but I also believe that it was written to allow freedom of expression to individuals, not to condone violence. When does cruelty to animals become an acceptable practice? What will the next step be? Since the law apparently now allows video to capture this cruelty and disseminate it, does that make it right? I think not. What kind of a society have we become? Thank you, Justice Samuel Alito, for your integrity, sensitivity and decency to uphold your conviction in a Supreme Court that has obviously lost its way on this one. Your dog, Zeus, certainly will never have to face the fate of so many others destined for these horrific videos in the name of "free speech".

#beachtails #dogstore #catstore #animalcruelty #animalrights

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