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So much has happened since the inception of Beachtails, so let me fill you in on the latest. Beachtails was established after I became a Breast Cancer survivor. While I was recuperating, my husband suggested to me that I might want to consider opening a shop since I had talked about it frequently. I guess having a brush with fate can certainly change one's we created Beachtails, and slowly looked for the right location. We settled on New Buffalo, Michigan, a quaint little town on the west coast of the lake. We searched for the perfect place...which eventually materialized as an old house on the main street. My wonderful manager, Janet, was truely a gift from my realtor, Maureen Culp. Within minutes of meeeting her, I knew she was the right person for the job. After months of renovation, we officially opened in May 2008. It's been a wonderful ride since. Beachtails founding dogs, Zoey and Nora, have since gone to doggy heaven but remain ever present in the spirit of the shop. Zoey was my constant companion for 2+ years before I brought her daughter, Nora, home to live with us and my new husband, Milt. The "girls" loved being in Michigan...long before Beachtails existed. They really enjoyed the snow in the winter...and spent may days romping on the uninhabited beaches, climbing snowdrifts. When my children, Miguel and Maria, were born, the girls became their constant companions. Our new shop dogs, Grace and Callie, couldn't be more different than Zoey and Nora. They are rescued pups, with all that it brings. Grace is a big girl....loving and ever pleasing, but she is definitely cautious around men. Callie, our newest addition, is a little girl....spunky and sweet and ALL puppy! They have won our hearts....

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